Entry summary for 2019 IL - Indoor RSA

Summary : 11/40 Max Entries
Summary : 37/40 Max Entries
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Competitor Name Club
Mylee Adcock Wabash Warriors S3DA
Bryce Bieber Pana Archery Club
Camren Cook Pana Archery Club
Grant Hicks Crooked Creek S3DA Club
Darrell Hower Pana Archery Club
Eden Nelson Rigney's School of Archery
Wyatt Patridge Havana Outdoors S3DA Club
Griffin Schauble Crooked Creek S3DA Club
Gunner Steele Crooked Creek S3DA Club
Blake Stokes Pana Archery Club
Kolston Wickert Havana Outdoors S3DA Club
Competitor Name Club
Parker Biggs Edwards County Archery S3DA
Campbell Biggs Edwards County Archery S3DA
Pamela Blessent Select Stingers
Tanner Campbell Select Stingers
Cameron Campbell Select Stingers
Kaden Campbell Select Stingers
Benjamin Corey Rigney's School of Archery
Isabella Dailey Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Wyatt Dutton Hardin County Archery Team
Cadence Duvall Select Stingers
Bailey Everly Pana Archery Club
Jayden Gerberding Rigney's School of Archery
Gabriella Groom Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Hunter Groom Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Brianna Hayes Havana Outdoors S3DA Club
Jessica Hill Rigney's School of Archery
Xavier Jensen Rigney's School of Archery
Grant Keyser Select Stingers
Aarya Khapre Select Stingers
Cheyenne Klemme Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Inara Lair Rigney's School of Archery
Wyatt Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Gracelyn LeBeau Rigney's School of Archery
Dylan Long Wabash Warriors S3DA
Kenneth Meyer Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Audrey Meyer Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Maverick Moore Edwards County Archery S3DA
Holly Phelps Select Stingers
Dalton Phelps Select Stingers
Brandon Reynolds Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Jayden Theison Select Stingers
Randy Thompson Rigney's School of Archery
Otto Ullrich Crooked Creek S3DA Club
Olivia Walter Rigney's School of Archery
Chase White Rigney's School of Archery
Hunter Wilkin Rigney's School of Archery
Grace Williams Wabash Warriors S3DA
Competitor Name Club

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