Entry summary for 2019 GA 3D Regional #7 Disciple Archery

Summary : 106 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Madison Adams Refuge Archery
Gabriela Alfaro Ace Apaches
Caleb Andrews Solid Rock Archery
Trey Andrews Solid Rock Archery
Cody Ayers Refuge Archery
Emmalyne Bagwell Cane Creek Archers
Caleb Bagwell Cane Creek Archers
Haylee Bagwell Cane Creek Archers
Bryce Barrett Cane Creek Archers
Dakota Beason Refuge Archery
Eli Blackburn Cane Creek Archers
Jocelyn Blake Refuge Archery
Jackson Bowers Disciple Archery
Tess Branyon Refuge Archery
Talya Branyon Refuge Archery
Caleb Brown Ace Apaches
Jocelyn Chandler B.A.M.M.
Edwin Crowe Disciple Archery
Noah Csuka Refuge Archery
Dawson David B.A.M.M.
Harrison Davis Ace Apaches
Alex Dunbrack Disciple Archery
Ava Dunbrack Disciple Archery
Jonathan Echols Cane Creek Archers
Grant English Refuge Archery
Brett English Refuge Archery
Aaron English Refuge Archery
Emily Evans Disciple Archery
Reagen Ferguson Refuge Archery
Logan Ferguson Refuge Archery
Liam Ford B.A.M.M.
Gavin Ford B.A.M.M.
Tanner Foster Refuge Archery
Carter Franklin Refuge Archery
Weston Franklin Refuge Archery
Marissa Fullard Refuge Archery
Robbie Gibson Disciple Archery
David Grizzle Cane Creek Archers
Walker Grizzle Cane Creek Archers
Alyssa Hall Refuge Archery
Adrian Harris Disciple Archery
Nathan Hendrix Disciple Archery
Brodie Hicks Ace Apaches
Tatiana Holguin Refuge Archery
Cannon Holloway Refuge Archery
Jake Hulsey Cane Creek Archers
Colt Johnson Refuge Archery
Brad Johnson Refuge Archery
Dalton Johnson Refuge Archery
Serenity Jones Cane Creek Archers
Foster Jones Warrior Archery Club
Madeline Kantz Refuge Archery
Abby Kantz Refuge Archery
Charles Kantz IV Refuge Archery
Kaycie Malcolm Refuge Archery
Lindsey Malcolm Refuge Archery
Macie McCannon Disciple Archery
Camden McClure Cane Creek Archers
Levi Moss Cane Creek Archers
A.J. Moss Cane Creek Archers
Ryan Nelson Refuge Archery
Cole Nix Disciple Archery
Luke Peck Cane Creek Archers
Lily Phipps Cane Creek Archers
Skyler Pitts B.A.M.M.
Hunter Poole Disciple Archery
Anderson Reeves Cane Creek Archers
Kale Renfro Warrior Archery Club
Zackary Revell Cane Creek Archers
Hope Reynolds Refuge Archery
Timothy Ritenour Solid Rock Archery
William Robin Cane Creek Archers
Drew Robinson Refuge Archery
Noah Rosso Cane Creek Archers
Issac Rosso Cane Creek Archers
Jacob Sanders Refuge Archery
Matthew Sanders Refuge Archery
Jaxon Schell Ace Apaches
Eli Segars Disciple Archery
Bailee Seymour Disciple Archery
Ken Spangler Jr Cane Creek Archers
Olivia Speaks Cane Creek Archers
Collin Stow Cane Creek Archers
Carter Stow Cane Creek Archers
Brianna Swenson Warrior Archery Club
Hunter Taylor Solid Rock Archery
Kaci Therrien Ace Apaches
Courtney Thompson Cane Creek Archers
Dawson Thompson Refuge Archery
Ries Thompson Refuge Archery
Austin Thurmond Ace Apaches
Vincent Tonelli Ace Apaches
Logan Turner B.A.M.M.
Cameron Tweed Refuge Archery
Bryanna Wasden Team On-Point S3DA
Carter Webb Disciple Archery
Grayson Webb Disciple Archery
Samuel Wentz Harris County Archery Club
Anna Whittle Ace Apaches
Abby Whittle Ace Apaches
Joseph Williams Solid Rock Archery
Jordy Williams Solid Rock Archery
Tana Williams Refuge Archery
Lacey Williams Refuge Archery
Lillie Woodall Refuge Archery
Ana Zachry Team On-Point S3DA