Entry summary for 2019 IL 3D NCOE

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Competitor Name Club
Adriana Armstrong Hardin County Archery Team
Drake Barnett Carmi White County Archery
Myles Barnett White County Archery
Hunter Bayne Saline County Archery Club
Tate Bickett N.C.O.E.
Campbell Biggs Edwards County Archery S3DA
Parker Biggs Edwards County Archery S3DA
Brooklyn Campbell N.C.O.E.
Madison Campbell N.C.O.E.
Klayton Clark Hamilton Co. Fox Archery
Karter Clark White County Archery
Jaden Conkle Hardin County Archery Team
Brody Coy N.C.O.E.
Bryson Cullum Hardin County Archery Team
Wyatt Dutton Hardin County Archery Team
Zane Fiala N.C.O.E.
Zeppelyn Fiala N.C.O.E.
Max Fieber Edwards County Archery S3DA
Nate Garner Carmi White County Archery
Reece Gholson White County Archery
Deegan Gholson Hamilton Co. Fox Archery
Justin Hicks Hardin County Archery Team
Autumn Hubbs Gallatin County School Unit #7
Andrew Hubbs Gallatin County School Unit #7
Jonathan Huff White County Archery
Sydney Jones Wabash Warriors S3DA
Peyton Julian Hamilton Co. Fox Archery
Blake Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Wyatt Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Trey Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Haley Lange N.C.O.E.
Dylan Long Wabash Warriors S3DA
Hunter McBride Wabash Warriors S3DA
Trevor Millenbine White County Archery
Sean Neal N.C.O.E.
Riley Pearce N.C.O.E.
Morgan Pearce N.C.O.E.
Lacy Sanders N.C.O.E.
Lily Sanders N.C.O.E.
Hunter Sarver Pana Archery Club
Charles Schroeder White County Archery
Abigail Schroeder White County Archery
Jerzi Sharp N.C.O.E.
Jalyn Sharp N.C.O.E.
Natalie Shelby Edwards County Archery S3DA
Jalyn Shoemaker White County Archery
Kobe Sisk Mid America Archers
Jaxson Smiddie Carmi White County Archery
Alan Staley Hamilton Co. Fox Archery
Dillon Thompson Wabash Warriors S3DA
Jacob Weber Edwards County Archery S3DA
Jamin Whipple White County Archery
Layne Whitley Carmi White County Archery
Eric Williams Carmi White County Archery
Grace Williams Wabash Warriors S3DA
Richard Willis Wabash Warriors S3DA
Danielle Willis Wabash Warriors S3DA
Grayson Wilson Gallatin County School Unit #7
Gage Winters Hardin County Archery Team
Kinsey Woodrow N.C.O.E.
Ethan Wyatt N.C.O.E.
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