Entry summary for 2019 IL 3D State Tournament

Summary : 11/200 Max Entries
Summary : 20/200 Max Entries
Summary : 26/200 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Myles Barnett White County Archery
Tate Bickett N.C.O.E.
Parker Biggs Edwards County Archery S3DA
Keenan Collins Rigney's School of Archery
Benjamin Corey Rigney's School of Archery
Cheyenne Klemme Montgomery Co. Youth Archery
Trey Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Blake Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Lacy Sanders N.C.O.E.
Lily Sanders N.C.O.E.
Abigail Schroeder White County Archery
Competitor Name Club
Campbell Biggs Edwards County Archery S3DA
Keith Carter Northern Illinois S3DA
Kaleb Elzey Select Stingers
Hunter Garner Rigney's School of Archery
Jayden Gerberding Rigney's School of Archery
Xavier Jensen Rigney's School of Archery
Wyatt Landingham Edwards County Archery S3DA
Gracelyn LeBeau Rigney's School of Archery
Hunter McBride Wabash Warriors S3DA
Ian McFarland Wabash Warriors S3DA
Maverick Moore Edwards County Archery S3DA
Holly Phelps Select Stingers
Ezra Santo Tomas Mid America Archers
Jerzi Sharp N.C.O.E.
Natalie Shelby Edwards County Archery S3DA
Kobe Sisk Mid America Archers
Jacob Weber Edwards County Archery S3DA
Chase White Rigney's School of Archery
Grace Williams Wabash Warriors S3DA
Alyson Williams Edwards County Archery S3DA
Competitor Name Club
Drake Barnett Carmi White County Archery
Kara Carter Stevenson Archery Club 3D
Brenna Faber Stevenson Archery Club 3D
Peyton Fallen Edwards County Archery S3DA
Max Fieber Edwards County Archery S3DA
Rachel French Stevenson Archery Club 3D
Nate Garner Carmi White County Archery
Madison Higgins Stevenson Archery Club 3D
Jessica Hill Rigney's School of Archery
Peyton Julian Hamilton Co. Fox Archery
Amelia Korveziroska Stevenson Archery Club 3D
Haley Lange N.C.O.E.
Dylan Long Wabash Warriors S3DA
Saumya Malhotra Northern Illinois S3DA
Viktoria Mancheva Northern Illinois S3DA
Sean Neal N.C.O.E.
Dalton Phelps Select Stingers
Kaitlyn Robinson Mid America Archers
Daniel Santo Tomas Mid America Archers
Charles Schroeder White County Archery
Ezekial Scott Hamilton Co. Fox Archery
Jalyn Sharp N.C.O.E.
Lawrence Shilling Wabash Warriors S3DA
Jayden Theison Select Stingers
David Waldherr Northern Illinois S3DA
Ethan Wyatt N.C.O.E.