Entry summary for 2019 WI East Shore Conservation Club Regional S3DA 3D shoot Nocked N Locked FDL

Summary : 33/80 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Lilie Aguilar BK III Archery
Austen Andersen BK III Archery
Evy Drozd Blazin Arrows Scholastic 3D Archery
Rudy Drozd Blazin Arrows Scholastic 3D Archery
Bryn Fuchs Blazin Arrows Scholastic 3D Archery
Makayla Gill Sherwood Forest Bowmen
Olivia Griswold Nocked N Locked
Josh Hafemeister Paradox Archers
Carmyn Herbeck Nocked N Locked
Max Hierlmeier Nocked N Locked
Matthew Hupp Kenosha Bowmen
Emma Iles Center Points
Autumn Immel Nocked N Locked
Henry Jones Paradox Archers
Samantha Katz Sherwood Forest Bowmen
Cameron Katz Sherwood Forest Bowmen
Brandon Klitzke Nocked N Locked
Gillian Krueger Paradox Archers
Blake Michels Kenosha Bowmen
Savanna Miller Blazin Arrows Scholastic 3D Archery
Nicolas Montgomery BK III Archery
Chloe Nelsen Paradox Archers
Harlei Nyback Nocked N Locked
Wyatt Nyback Nocked N Locked
Dalton Phelan Nocked N Locked
Aleah Roehl Nocked N Locked
aleah sievert Nocked N Locked
David Sievert Nocked N Locked
Darian Somers Center Points
Briar Wirtz Nocked N Locked
Tessa Wirtz Nocked N Locked
Ryan Zeamer Hunters Edge Archery Team
Crystal Zessin Blazin Arrows Scholastic 3D Archery