Entry summary for 2019 NC 3-D State Championship

Summary : 117 Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Sawyer Abernathy PCA Thunderbirds
Nyah Aiken Cornerstone Christian Academy
Landon Allen TJCA Gryphon Archers
Wesley Allen TJCA Gryphon Archers
Lauren Allen TJCA Gryphon Archers
Corbin Alt Unaffiliated
Liana Ambrose TJCA Gryphon Archers
Lexus Anderson Cornerstone Christian Academy
Armand Basulto Unaffiliated
Christian Basulto Unaffiliated
Cayden Bishop PCA Thunderbirds
Levi Blanchard PCA Thunderbirds
Ethan Bowen PCA Thunderbirds
Alea Boyd Billet Archery
Caitlyn Brannock Lake Norman Archery Club
Titus Brooks Drop-Time Archery
Morgan Bussert PCA Thunderbirds
JohnPaul Campanini TJCA Gryphon Archers
Benjamin Caunt PCA Thunderbirds
Devin Chiu Lake Norman Archery Club
Logan Christopher PCA Thunderbirds
Carley Clark Billet Archery
Alexander Collins Billet Archery
Keenan Cooper Cornerstone Christian Academy
Erich Cooper Billet Archery
Emma Cottrell Drop-Time Archery
Austin Cunningham Lake Norman Archery Club
Jordan DeFratis Drop-Time Archery
Victor Diaz TJCA Gryphon Archers
Kolbe Donaldson Billet Archery
Bronson Duncan Lake Norman Archery Club
Sully Edwards TJCA Gryphon Archers
Kamrin Floyd Drop-Time Archery
Ethan Floyd PCA Thunderbirds
Cuyler Franklin Billet Archery
Cooper Franklin Billet Archery
Mason Frick Drop-Time Archery
Kelsey Fulgham Billet Archery
Muscat Gabe Unaffiliated
Brody Gabriel Lake Norman Archery Club
Madison Gettys PCA Thunderbirds
Chesney Gibson PCA Thunderbirds
Payton Goforth PCA Thunderbirds
Naomi Goodwin Unaffiliated
Tyler Green Cornerstone Christian Academy
Cadence Griffith Cornerstone Christian Academy
Cael Griffith Cornerstone Christian Academy
George Hamilton Lake Norman Archery Club
Jack Hamrick TJCA Gryphon Archers
Samara Hayes Cornerstone Christian Academy
Bailey Hooper Billet Archery
Kaylee Horton PCA Thunderbirds
Marlee Horton PCA Thunderbirds
Caleb Howard PGF Archery
Ethan Howard PGF Archery
Cody Humphries PCA Thunderbirds
Hunter Johnson Cornerstone Christian Academy
Anzlee Kilby PCA Thunderbirds
Graham Kirby Lake Norman Archery Club
Mackenzie Kitts Cornerstone Christian Academy
William Lester Lake Norman Archery Club
Schuyler Levis Cornerstone Christian Academy
Gavin Lewis Lake Norman Archery Club
Gabrielle Lewis Lake Norman Archery Club
Eli Lineberger TJCA Gryphon Archers
Emma Lineberger TJCA Gryphon Archers
Neely Long Lake Norman Archery Club
Nova Long Lake Norman Archery Club
Lochlan Long Lake Norman Archery Club
Isaiah Matthews Billet Archery
Kenaddi McCormack Drop-Time Archery
Seanna McCraw TJCA Gryphon Archers
Maddox McFalls PCA Thunderbirds
Alyssa McNeely PCA Thunderbirds
Mathew Melvin TJCA Gryphon Archers
Colin Miller PCA Thunderbirds
Kate Miller PCA Thunderbirds
Madison Moore Drop-Time Archery
Matthew Morehead PCA Thunderbirds
Blake Morris Drop-Time Archery
Carmen Newton PCA Thunderbirds
Josh Palmer Cornerstone Christian Academy
Ellie Palmer Cornerstone Christian Academy
Joy Parker PGF Archery
Boone Parker Lake Norman Archery Club
Samuel Parker Lake Norman Archery Club
Jack Parker PGF Archery
Joe Parker PGF Archery
Josh Parker PGF Archery
Tommy Parris Cornerstone Christian Academy
Olivia Poston PCA Thunderbirds
Tatiana Ransom Lake Norman Archery Club
Carter Ross PCA Thunderbirds
Manny Schlichtmann TJCA Gryphon Archers
Kisa Shook Billet Archery
Muscat Silas Unaffiliated
Madison Sitterlee Drop-Time Archery
Owen Slagle PCA Thunderbirds
AIDYN SMITH PCA Thunderbirds
Mackenzie Stalcup Billet Archery
Wyatt Stamey PCA Thunderbirds
Landon Standish PCA Thunderbirds
Jackson Taylor Billet Archery
Davis Teeter Cornerstone Christian Academy
Greg Tice TJCA Gryphon Archers
shelby upton TJCA Gryphon Archers
Rebecca Varela-Viveros Cornerstone Christian Academy
TANNER WELCH Billet Archery
Dalton West Billet Archery
Audryn West Billet Archery
Vaughn White Lake Norman Archery Club
Weston White TJCA Gryphon Archers
CALEB YATES PCA Thunderbirds