Entry summary for 2019 TN Eastern 3D Regional

Summary : 12/80 Max Entries
Summary : 41/80 Max Entries

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Competitor Name Club
Nathaniel Bryan Two Rivers Archery
Rosey Collins Crossroads Archery
Daniel Colloms Harvest Archery S3DA
Marisa Cox Crossroads Archery
Taylor Hamrick Smoky Mountain Archers
Greyson Kenyon Crossroads Archery
Claire Krepps Harvest Archery S3DA
Aaron Smith Crossroads Archery
Natalee Grace Sparks Crossroads Archery
TANNER WELCH Billet Archery
Corbin York Harvest Archery S3DA
Creston York Harvest Archery S3DA
Competitor Name Club
Magdalena Baraiac F.A.C. Archery
Becca Baraiac F.A.C. Archery
Madison Blevins Southwestern
Dillon Burnette Harvest Archery S3DA
Isaiah Burnette Tuckasee Archery
Eli Burnette Tuckasee Archery
Travis Burnette Harvest Archery S3DA
Dustin Burton Tuckasee Archery
Ethan Castle Mountain Archery S3DA
Cody Cogdill F.A.C. Archery
Mckenzie Cogdill F.A.C. Archery
Aly Copeland Smoky Mountain Archers
Sienna Davis F.A.C. Archery
Langley Gaby Taylor's Archery
cooper gomez F.A.C. Archery
Steven Harris F.A.C. Archery
Scott Harris F.A.C. Archery
Jace Hood Tuckasee Archery
Ethan Humes Tuckasee Archery
Harleigh James Taylor's Archery
Kevin Johnson F.A.C. Archery
Markus Jones Tuckasee Archery
Kaylea Keen Two Rivers Archery
Brendon Manship F.A.C. Archery
Brie McLerran Tuckasee Archery
Alexis Mims Taylor's Archery
Grace Moore Mountain Archery S3DA
Ranger Owen F.A.C. Archery
Ian Paris Southwestern
Zane Paris Southwestern
Koye Russell Tuckasee Archery
Andrew Schwarzkopf Smoky Mountain Archers
Casen Smotherman Tuckasee Archery
Aidan Stubblefield Taylor's Archery
Landon Sutton F.A.C. Archery
Braden Sweeney F.A.C. Archery
Britton Tackett Smoky Mountain Archers
Maddox Tackett Smoky Mountain Archers
Peyton Taylor Taylor's Archery
Nevaeh Todd Taylor's Archery
Luke Woodfin Mountain Archery S3DA